Red Dead Redemption 2 PC – Play now with PS4 Emulator

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You will be happy to know that Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is fully supported by PCSX4 – PS4 Emulator. You can enjoy this game on PC with 4k support and unlocked FPS. The game runs flawlessly on PC, but if you want to play in 4k resolution, you'll need a good GPU.You may experience dropped frames if your CPU clock rate is below 3.4 GHz, as the game uses an asynchronous shader processing algorithm which requires a beefy CPU. In our performance tests, we found that this game runs very well on low-end gaming PCs with some compromises in texture quality.


RDR2 – 2160p – Medium quality – [54 to 60FPS] – Running on GTX 1080


RDR2 – 1080p – low quality – [55 to 60FPS] Running on GTX 1050

Because the core GS engine uses dynamic load balancing scheduling, anything above GTX 1070 will get a performance boost without skipping or dropping frames.You will need Polaris or later for AMD and Pascal or later for Nvidia to support LBS, otherwise you will experience some frame skipping. You can disable frameskipping on older GPUs, but it will cause a performance drop on resolution of anything above 1080p.

These Red Dead Redemption 2 PC performance benchmarks are performed on Windows. On Mac, you will get 10-15% less overall performance due to the limited shader acceleration support in metal-API.

Note: macOS users need to install the moltenVK library to support Vulkan through PCSX4.

We tested this game on the low end (GTX 1050) as well as the high-end GPU (GTX 1080) with the same system configuration, and we found that even if you have a low-end GPU equivalent to a GTX 1050, you can run this game in 1080p resolution at 60 fps easily with low texture settings. To run this game in 4K at 60fps, you need to get at least a GTX 1080 or Vega 56 GPU.