Download PCSX4

Download the latest beta release of PCSX4 – PS4 Emulator for Windows and macOS.

Please note that the .NET framework 3.5 and VC++2015 are required to run the executable on Windows.

Check the FAQ section for system requirements. This project is still in beta, so expect lots of glitches and bugs.

Updates can be performed within the application through:

Misc. > Update > Check for updates

You can also enable automatic updates by checking

Misc. > Update > Auto update > On.

For older versions and changelogs, check the link below.

Credits: CTurt for userland code execution, Fire30 for PoC code execution, AlexAltea for Orbital virtualization engine.

Important: Please avoid downloading PCSX4 from other sources as it may contain miscellaneous files which may harm your system.

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File size: 58.64 MB
Downloads: 260354
Last beta update: 09/18/2023
File name:
SHA1: 9be94acf2634648bb06a32716c24cf97
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File size: 68.64 MB
Downloads: 120354
Last beta update: 09/18/2023
File name: pcsx4_1.5.4r2_setup.dmg
SHA1: 2063562686db95a02e8c119614206b04
Universal Binary (Apple Silicon & Intel)
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QuickStart Guide

We encourage an to keep an eye on the latest updates, as we continue to work towards delivering a fully-functional and user-friendly PS4 emulator. With each update, we hope to bring gamers one step closer to the good gaming performance, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this emulator and the gaming community as a whole.

Extract file and install PCSX4


Open PCSX4 and "Run as Admin" if required.


Extract and copy .pdix to the PCSX4 folder.

Click here to find out how to extract .pdix. After extraction, copy the .pdix file from your flash drive to directory: pcsx4 > _pdix


Create a PCSX4 account using the emulator by clicking >PCSX4 menu > Manage PCSC4 account > “Register” and then "Log-in" and linking your PDIX to the account.


The PDIX validator will check the integrity of your .pdix and link it to your account if it turns out to be valid.


Validated .pdix file will show up in My account > My devices.


Insert the PS4 game disc into your drive.

Install game cache from > Emulation. > Install game cache from the BD-ROM. Select the disc drive, the cache folder, and click on "Install game cache". This will take a while. Make sure that you have enough free disc space on your PC to save the cache.


Start your game by clicking “Emulation > Open saved cache” and select one of your previously saved game Image.


You may need to configure graphics, audio, controller config. etc. according to your hardware. Some of these options will boost PC performance in return for better emulation compatibility.