Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (2023) on PC: In-Depth Performance Analysis with the PCSX4 Emulator

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"Marvel's Spider-Man 2," initially launched for PlayStation 5, is now playable on PC through the PCSX4 emulator. This article dives into the performance analysis of this highly anticipated game, giving insights into its frame rates and graphical performance when run on different GPUs using the emulator.

Emulating Spider-Man 2 on PC

PCSX4, an advanced PS4 emulator, allows PC gamers to experience the new "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" without a PlayStation console. Though this emulation is not officially supported, PCSX4 can run the game from start to finish, despite having occasional graphics glitches.

2160p vs 1080p

Graphics and Frame Rate Analysis

Visual Enhancements

The game showcases remarkable visual enhancements over its predecessors, a trend that continued with the PS5 version. Key features include:

->Enhanced ray-traced reflections

->Increased world density

->Improved dynamic objects like cars and pedestrians

Graphical Fidelity on PCSX4

On PCSX4, the game maintains a high level of detail, though some fidelity is lost compared to the native PS5 experience. Ray-tracing, a standout feature on the PS5, faces limitations on the emulator, resulting in less refined reflections and textures.

2160p Resolution

Running at 2160P Resolution / Quality mode

Frame Rate Performance on Various GPUs

The table below illustrates the frame rate performance of "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" on different GPUs while running on PCSX4:

GPU ModelAverage FPS (1080p)Average FPS (1440p)Average FPS (4K)
NVIDIA RTX 3090806760
NVIDIA RTX 3080585550
NVIDIA RTX 3070555045
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT605642
AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT575338

Note: These frame rates are subject to variability based on individual PC configurations and emulator settings.

Performance Modes

Similar to the PS5 version, you can adjust game performance and quality modes. With the performance mode settings, you can target higher frame rates at the cost of reduced graphical features.

PCSX4 Emulator Limitations

While PCSX4 enables PC gamers to enjoy "Spider-Man 2," it's important to note the following limitations:

->Occasional graphics glitches

->Potential stability issues

->Ray tracing and other advanced graphical features are not as refined as on the native PS5 version.

720p Resolution

Running at 720P Resolution / Performance mode

Comparing with the PS5 Experience

"Marvel's Spider-Man 2" on PS5 is known for its fast loading times, increased traversal speed, and ray-traced reflections. While PCSX4 captures the essence of these features, the emulation naturally falls short of the seamless experience on the original console.

Key Differences

->Reduced ray-tracing quality

->Longer load times

->Slight discrepancies in environmental details and character models


Running "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" on PC via PCSX4 offers an exciting alternative for those without access to a PS5. While the emulation cannot perfectly replicate the PS5 experience, it provides acceptable performance, especially on high-end GPUs. Players can expect an almost perfect gameplay experience with some graphical trade-offs, making it a viable option for experiencing one of the most advanced console games on PC.