Bloodborne is now fully supported on PC with PS4 Emulator

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Bloodborne PC Progress: We are happy to announce that Bloodborne is now fully supported by PCSX4 although there are a few glitches in areas where menu items are displayed, there aren’t any major problems in actual gameplay. When you’re playing Bloodborne on PCSX4 with a powerful computer, things should run fairly well. The game is running at full speed, there are no major graphical glitches, you can use your favourite controller if you want. Yet, every time you go to a new level or load a new menu, there’s a very slight but noticeable "stutter." You can turn off the frame limiter to check if your computer can run the game at well over full speed.

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The little slowdown when loading new areas, effects, models, and more is commonly referred to as “Shader Compilation Stuttering” by users and developers alike. This problem has been a part of PCSX4 since the beginning.

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Some users have reported that on Vulkan (mostly in Hybrid Mode) there is some very slight stuttering when shaders are loaded and compiled. While we’re not sure exactly what’s wrong, because this does not happen in Direct3D, we’re fairly certain that it’s a quirk in NVIDIA’s driver rather than an error in how PCSX4 handles things. Based on our testing, this appears to be separate from variant generation.

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GPU: GeForce GTX 1070
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
Motherboard: Z170-Gaming K3

With all of the driver issues, it isn’t a surprise that some GPUs work better on some backends and settings. We’ve outlined some generally recommended settings based on various graphics cards. Depending on your preference or particular GPU, you may wish to deviate from the recommendations. Do note that changing certain settings while a game is running, such as FXAA and anti-aliasing level, will require different shaders to be compiled and may cause a little pause while this is done. Also, remember that shaders require more GPU power, so those same settings will also require a beefier graphics card.