About PCSX4

PCSX4 is a PlayStation 4 & Playstation 4 Pro emulator which allows you to play PS4 games on your PC. It requires your PS4 console to grab “play-station device identifier” (PDIX) and original PS4 games.

To avoid illegal activities and misuse of source code, PCSX4 is made semi open source.

System and hardware

Only 64bit Windows 7, 8.1, 10 is supported with .net framework 3.5 and VC++2015. Windows 7 users need to install directx 11.1 platform update KB2670838-x64 if it’s not already installed. Support for macOS and Linux may be added in future when OpenGL libraries are ready.

PCSX4 is optimized to use up to 8 cores of a processor but requires at least 4 core processor with SSE-4.2 and AVX.

Intel: Core-i5 3xxx and later is supported.

AMD: FX-41xx and later is supported.

CPU performance and stability with PCSX4 differs drastically and it is difficult to tell which processor works perfectly. Some mobile based i5 and i7 processors may cause performance glitches due to lower clock rates.

PCSX4 requires a GPU to support at least Direct 3D 11.1 and Pixel shader model 5.0.

Nvidia: GeForce GTX 660 or higher is required.

AMD: AMD Radeon 7870 or higher is required.

To run every game smoothly @60FPS with 1080p resolution, GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9-290X can be recommended. PCSX4 does support 4K resolution but it is very difficult to reach 60FPS even with dual high-end GPU’s.

4GB is a minimum requirement for PCSX4 but 6GB or more is recommended. RAM with higher clock rates may increase game loading times when used together with the SSD as game cache disk.


A PlayStation device identifier (.pdix) is a file generated and extracted from a PS4 console which contains encrypted identifiers info which is unique for every device. PDIX must be linked to your PCSX4 account in order to play games. PDIX is extracted using userland code execution method. (thanks to CTurt)

To extract PDIX, navigate to https://pcsx4.com/extract-pdix on your PS4 web browser.


Some Directx files maybe missing in your system, make sure you have directx 11.1 platform update KB2670838-x64 installed in your system.

PCSX4 uses VisualC++2015 for compiling, make sure you have Visual C++2010 redistributable (64-bit) installed in your system.

PCSX4 requires the latest DirectX runtime, install it to fix this error.

Make sure you have “pdix-sniffer” file in root your flash drive. Your flash drive must be formatted with FAT32 format.


No, there is no way you can run pirated games, PCSX4 game cache/install is encrypted with 256-bit header with .pdix hash which is linked to your PCSX4 account. We have a strict policy about piracy, please buy original games and support their developers.

PCSX4 account stores unique Machine-id and PDIX for each account, if our system detects any illegal activity, your account and ip-address will be permanently banned from our servers.

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