Steps to dump .pdix (PlayStation device identifier) form your PS4/PS4 Pro.dump

Method 1

  • Insert a flash drive into your PC (formatted with fat32) and copy “pdix-sniffer” file from PCSX4 folder to USB flash drive.
  • Insert a flash drive into your front USB port 1 of your PS4/Pro.
  • Make sure that there is no disk in the Blu-ray drive of your PS4/Pro.
  • Close all the Apps and games except web-browser.
  • Open this page: in your console web-browser. 

  • Click on the button below to dump PDIX.
  • This takes a few minutes and might fail/crash occasionally depending on exploit reliability. If that happens, please restart the browser or the console.
  • You will receive a “Success” message and your (.pdix) file will be saved on your USB flash drive.
  • Copy that .pdix file into the PCSX4_pdix folder.

Note: PDIX does not store any personal info from your console or your PSN account. PDIX dumper only dumps the required files and a 256-bit blob header which prevents people from running dumped PS4 games.


Method 2

You can also dump manually using node from this source code: PDIX-dumper (GitHub)

Credits: CTurt for userland code execution, Fire30 for PoC code execution, AlexAltea for Orbital virtualization engine.