• Operating system: Windows
  • File size: 95.5 MB
  • Downloads: 47224
  •  SHA1: h74h86we6rhf8456hf765hf834hf653f
  • Last update: 02-01-18
  • Version: 1.22 R7

Download the latest stable release of PCSX4. Please note that .net framework 3.5 and VC++2015 is required to run the executable. Check the FAQ section for system requirements.

Updates can be performed from Misc.>Update>”Check for updates”, you can also enable automatic updates by checking Misc.>Update>Auto update>”On”.

PCSX4 configuration tutorial


Extract .zip and install PCSX4

Run PCSX4 as “Admin”

Extract and copy .pdix to your PCSX4 folder.

Create PCSX4 account by clicking > PCSX4 > Manage PCSC4 account > “Register”,  sign-in and link your PDIX to the account.

Insert PS4 game disc into your drive.

Install game cache from > Emulation > Install game cache form BD-ROM, Select disk drive, cache folder and click on “Install game cache”. This will take a while. Make sure that you have enough free disk space on your PC to save the cache.

Start your game by clicking “Emulation > Open saved cache” and select one of your previously saved game. Please note that you may need to configure graphics, audio, controller config. etc. according to your hardware.

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