PCSX4 Progress report: 2017

There was issues and driver problems, and a lot of unhappy users, however it set the tone so that would become the direction of PCSX4 heading up to the edition 1 . 3 release. Among PCSX4 1.3’s subject features was a brand new D3D12 backend, but as of 1. 3-3774, we have decided to remove…

Native 64-bit support

We have added the native 64 bit support for all the plugins, you can now use the full potential of x64-86 processors.

Note: Developers need to translate all the libraries into arch-64 in order to compile the latest build.


Video capture support

You can now capture avi videos using the built-in capture tool. To use this feature go-to Emulation > Capture avi video or press Ctrl+Alt+R. The videos will be saved in “_capture” folder in PCSX4 directory. Please note that these video captures will be uncompressed @60fps, make sure you have enough space on your drive or it will…

Announcing PCSX4 1.1

We are pleased to announce the latest stable release of PCSX4 1.1, the newest major release of the most compatible and most stable PlayStation 4 emulator for PC. PCSX4 1.1 can be downloaded for Windows (x64), from download section.